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Hygiene Control

Hygiene Control

Resanitec offers quick and effective measures in hygiene control. An on-site evaluation shows the way to a clear risk identification, after which an action program is suggested to our clients.

We identify and eliminate the causes – not just the consequences

  • Our specially trained staff follow carefully routine or emergency cleaning programs.
  • We use approved and certified cleaning equipment and validated disinfectants.
  • We sanitize, clean and disinfect surfaces from floor to ceiling, equipment, tools, machines and entitled clothing.
  • We document all work in our own or in client-specific protocols.
  • We equip the client’s facilities with hygiene products and cleaning tools.


  • Microbial sampling
  • Validation of cleaning technique
  • Validation of cleaning equipment
  • Validation of disinfectants
  • Qualification of workwear