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Resanitec extends its services to new markets

Resanitec extends its services to new markets
5 April, 2022 nour

Lund, March 30th, 2022: Resanitec joined the Middle East Poultry Expo in Riyadh 14-16 of March 2022, as an exhibitor and service provider for monitoring services of the critical environments that the industry is facing. Poultry is a major industry in the Middle East and the Expo had many international visitors.

Ali Ismail (CEO): “We are ready to broaden our services and geographical presence. The cleanroom concept is being implemented in new areas such as the poultry industry, targeting a lower impact from external environment”

Resanitec´s mission is to provide on-site testing of the environment such as air and water quality, microbiology and other relevant pathogens.

Resanitec provides expertise in cleanroom and process environmental control, where requirements on good hygiene standards and continuous risk management are of paramount importance. Resanitec’s Team have an accumulated experience of over 40 years and can comprehend different clients, whether they are in the food or life science industry. Resanitec has its registered office and analytical laboratory at the Ideon Science Park in Lund, Sweden, where client samples are analysed and evaluated.