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Everything you need to know about Xanotol 70

Everything you need to know about Xanotol 70
3 August, 2020 admin

Hand sanitizers are more in demand now than ever before. Google the word hand sanitizer and you’ll find all kinds of different options.

So what excludes our hand sanitizer from the rest? We at Resanitec decided to develop a hand sanitizer option that doesn’t leave your hands feeling dry and chapped, with a vegan formula and a fair market price.

How to use it:

All you need to do is spritz a generous amount of our hand sanitizer onto both of your hands and rub them together until the product has completely dried.

Why should you use it:

Hand sanitizers help slow down the spread of germs and illness causing bacteria, especially in crowded environments such as schools, workplaces and airports. The use of hand sanitizer helps stop bacteria from latching onto our hands and getting us sick due to the high amounts of antibacterial components. Whenever you’re in a place where there’s no water or soap around it’s good to keep some hand sanitizer with you as a backup option. Hand sanitizer promotes good hygiene and reduces waste as it doesn’t require any paper towels after use or any kind of extra step.

When you should use it:

Xanotol 70 is a very flexible sanitizer. You can use it anytime you feel like you want to be on the safer side. Spray it on any kind of surface or inanimate object you want to disinfect at home, at work, during travels and anything in between. Keep yourself bacteria free during your flight, at the airport, during a hotel visit, at the mall, school, restaurant or any other public place where there might be a chance of a larger amount of people being present.

What’s in it:

Our hand sanitizer Xanotol 70 is made with 70% alcohol that has been enriched with glycerol and hydrogen peroxide. This combination allows our hand sanitizer to reach the maximum disinfecting effect against all types of germs. Xanotol 70 has been made in accordance to the recommended formulation by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

What makes it vegan:

Xanotol 70 doesn’t contain any type of animal substance and has not been tested on animals. We at Resanitec don’t believe in animal testing and are eager to encourage people towards purchasing products made with a vegan standard.

How it differs from other similar products:

Our hand sanitizer is made with a moisturizing formula that doesn’t leave your hands feeling dry and chapped. With the help of glycerin your hands will be left feeling soft and moisturized. Xanotol 70 doesn’t contain any preservatives, mineral oils and is paraben and silicone free making it a suitable fit for any and everyone.

Size and options

Xanotol 70 is available in a 600ml version and in a travel sized 80 ml version. Our hand sanitizer comes in liquid form, the 80ml bottle functions as a spray bottle and can be ordered with your own logo.

Where is it made:

Resanitec is a company based in Sweden. We produce our hand sanitizer Xanotol 70 locally in Lund, Sweden. All the production, manufacturing and shipping takes place in Sweden. We offer worldwide shipping and bulk options for resellers as well as private customers.

Finally, here’s a little bit about us and what we do:

  • We specialize in clean room control and any areas related to hygiene in the clean room department.
  • We offer cleaning and testing services that promote approved hygiene in facilities that require a high degree of cleanliness and protection against contamination.
  • We help our clients to identify sources of hygiene influence and control that the preventive measures counteract the emergence of new risks.
  • We serve healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities, food processing industry and advanced semiconductor cleanrooms.
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