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Cleanrooms play a crucial role in maintaining contamination free environments for critical processes.

Resanitec provides full testing services and certification of cleanrooms according to requirements and recommendations in ISO 14644 and cGMP.

We use the industry´s most advanced equipment and technology to investigate the source of risk, we clean facilities and equipment, and test cleanrooms and biosafety cabinets.

We love challenges!

We offer to clean and control facilities such as laboratories, cleanrooms, Storage cabinets, warehouses, biosafety cabinets and HVAC systems with HEPA filtered air. Our testing includes all what a cleanroom environment needs to maintain a successful approval.

Environmental Control

Provtagning och analys av lokaler med miljökrav.

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Microbiology Analysis

Mikrobiologisk analys av råvaror, intermediat och produkter.

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Hygiene Control

Anpassade hygienprogram till lokaler med miljökrav.

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Skräddarsydd utbildning för varje uppdrag.

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Cleanroom testing

Vid oförutsedda händelser eller omläggning av produktion.

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För en smidigare process tar vi oss an hela uppdraget.

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